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Whether the flight Vilnius - Almaty is necessary?


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 Dear Sirs!

       Today we can say with complete confidence that our "Kazbalt" Association, which started as an organization that provides services to its members in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Baltic States, has outgrown the outlined borders and expanded its activity both in the countries of the Asian region and in Europe. However, we deliberately do not change our trademark, paying tribute to its founders. By increasing our network of offices in Europe and in Asia, we are prepared to openly discuss your proposals for cooperation. We are also ready to discuss your offers for opening new offices of our organization.
       You should note that at the present time, we have increased our services and become a classic consulting company, which is able to provide comprehensive assistance to businesses and organizations in different regions. Our experts can carry out analytical studies in various fields of human activity on the different sides of Europe and Asia. We are ready to assist in questions of:

  •  Banking
  •  Construction
  •  IT-technology
  •  Jurisprudence
  •  Insurance
  •  Information
  •  Tourism and visa support
  •  Organization of business meetings
  •  Transport and Communications
  •   Forwarding
  •   Publishing, PR
  •  Telecommunications
  •   Light and food industry
  •   Agriculture
  •   Industry
  •   Oil and Gas Sector

        The dynamically changing market conditions, its constant monitoring, allow us to perform classical marketing research at the request of the client. We offer various schemes on entry and retention of new players in the markets of Asia, also to assist in the construction of the scheme and strategy in the investment policy.

         Recently, the activity and search of professionals, who could lead and represent the Asian companies in the European region, became very popular. Baltic office justifies itself in opportunity to appear at any part of Europe operatively and to speak on behalf of the company in the preparations for the upcoming meeting. We are already in Europe. Our specialists are integrated into the euro area, and excellent knowledge of Russian and some other European language allows us to solve the current issues of modern business quickly in both Europe and Asia. Worked out schemes allow us to offer the guaranteed schemes in questions of the sale of products or goods in the Asian market.

        Competent lawyers will support you in the legal field in different countries. Reliability, pre-screening the client, its financial viability - all this is very important in modern business.

        Today we started a global project to unite our offices, customers, partners and members of the association in a unified business network with enormous potential on-line consulting and assistance via modern means of communication. One database will serve all our customers and partners in different parts of the Eurasian region. More information about the project.

        We want to ensure that your business has become stronger, broader and more durable. Europe and Asia is not far away, "Kazbalt" is always nearby.

The head office of the Association "Kazbalt"

Upes 5 st., Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel.: +370 5 2636483,
Fax: +370 5 2636384
E-mail: info@kazbalt.org

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